PHILANA is an independent luxury fashion brand handmade in The Netherlands.

Established in 2012 our brand is been on a journey of discovery since.

In our humble opinion true luxury and exclusivity is not so much reflected in the name of the brand or in high price. For us, true exclusivity is in the quality, craftsmanship and restricted availability. This is why we’ve decided to offer only limited editions and one of the kind pieces in our online boutique.

Working with a small atelier in Eindhoven, using only carefully curated natural fabrics (preferably from a GOTS certified source) and following zero waste principle as much as possible, allows us to renew our collection regularly while keeping our ecological footprint as modest as possible.

When we talk about one of the kind pieces, it means that that particular style will not be returning to our collection in the same fabric or execution. While limited edition items might be remade in the future in same fabric, depending on the availability of the latter.

We hope your shopping experience at our online boutique  will be a pleasant one and we’ll be welcoming you here again.




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